Interwoven Sound Spaces

The only way to discover how a connection will react is to touch it, to play it, to perform the action itself.

Network music performance, as it is commonly defined today, is the live interaction between remote musicians navigating their interaction through internet technologies. It may involve aural, visual, and other forms of telematic communication designed to enable the musicians to perform together without being in immediate proximity. Such technologies are often referred to as “telepresence”, a term coined by Martin Minsky (1980), suggesting that “the biggest challenge to developing telepresence is achieving a sense of ‘being there.’

The artistic project Interwoven Sound Spaces enables rich, multi-sensory interaction in the context of telematic music performance. By combining textile wearable technologies, interaction design, interactive machine learning, and spatialised sound, we extend the experience of playing and spectating contemporary ensemble music telematically, beyond screen-based applications.



Ana Maria Rodriguez
Ann Rosén
Cat Hope
Malte Giesen

Ensembles and Musicians:

Norrbotten NEO
Daniel Saur – percussion
Mina Fred – viola
Robert Ek – clarinets

KNM Berlin:
Cosima Gerhardt – cello
Rebecca Lenton – flute
Theo Nabicht – contrabass clarinet
Thomas Bruns, Karin Weissenbrunner – Management

Interwoven Sound Spaces is a project co-led by Berit Greinke and Federico Visi at the Universität der Künste Berlin.

Wearable Computing group – Universität der Künste Berlin:

Benjamin Herrmann
Berit Greinke
Emma Wood
Codi Körner
Federico Visi
Philipp Gschwendtner
Zora Kutz

Swedish partners

Stefan Östersjö, Luleå Univeristy of Technology
Studio Acusticum

Additional technical support

Technische Universität Berlin – Audio Communication Studio

Funded by the Kulturstiftung des Bundes, ‘dive in’ programme. Co-funded by Einstein Center Digital Future.

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