KosmoS CoMoBiLL

mobile living lab toolkit

Short description

The KosmoS CoMobiLL was created as part of the KosmoS Labs initiative to support the User Centered development of smart Objects. In order to meet the versatile requirements of the various project phases and partners and to be able to react flexibly to current needs and possibilities, the CoMobiLL is intended to be a transportable, modular toolkit.

It consists of different rollable wall/cabinet modules that can be recombined as needed to create a wide variety of settings: Living room, dining room, children’s room, workshop and many more. In this way, a wide variety of test and workshop scenarios can be set up in order to develop new technologies in a user-centered way together with interest groups in cocreation sessions. The main module contains a server and all modules can be connected to each other and thus also supplied with power and become a digital smart-home network. A digital platform allows users to configure and program the rooms and demonstrators.

Complementary to this flexible physical toolkit, a collection of methods for implementing diverse formats around participatory technology development in the smart home field was developed.

KosmoS Labs initiative

Intelligent, networked objects are increasingly permeating our everyday lives. Tests under real conditions are important for their functioning. For this reason, the research and development projects funded under the call “Innovation and Technology Partnerships for Human-Technology Interaction: Intelligent, Networked Objects for Everyday Life” had an early opportunity to test their results on an ongoing basis in the Living Lab using precisely tailored methods, infrastructures and services.

The aim of the project was to support researchers in designing, evaluating and later communicating networked objects. To this end, a flexible concept was pursued in which both established living labs can be used and new living lab environments can be set up flexibly. The KosmoS Labs developed in the project offer a technically and methodologically uniform portfolio of adapted hardware and software interfaces that can be used flexibly, stationary or mobile. They offer services for testing and deploying demonstrators on the topic of smart, networked objects and opportunities for mobile communication of project results for various stakeholders.

KosmoS Labs provide an adaptive, thematically focused, long-term range of Living Lab services, which can be conducted as needed either in an existing, stationary Living Lab or on-site at the target group by using the mobile offering.

Date of creation

2020 – 2023


  • Serge Autexier
  • Nizar Ben-Sassi
  • Jan Janssen
  • Anke Königsschulte
  • Katharina Lorenz
  • Bodo Pahlke
  • Andreas Rieger
  • Yun Yao Wang
  • Haipeng Yan

Project partner

  • Technische Universität Berlin – DAI Labor

Project funding



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